Mantle Core Contributors Propose Deployment of WstETH on Mantle

CORE 2023-11-24 68

According to Foresight News, the Mantle core contributor team has submitted a proposal to the Lido community to deploy wstETH on Mantle. The aim is to leverage the demand for wstETH, making it one of the core building blocks of the Mantle ecosystem and a core asset of the treasury, in order to achieve sustainable growth of the protocol-owned liquidity (POL).

Currently, wstETH has been deployed on Mantle via the canonical bridge and will be replaced by a one-way migration pool open for user migration. The Mantle team has already proactively deployed wstETH on the Mantle testnet. The proposal suggests that the Lido DAO should accept ownership of the mainnet deployment of the wstETH cross-chain bridge component through a formal vote.