Bitcoin Magazine Clarifies Bitcoin L2 Standards

bitcoin 2024-02-25 57

According to BlockBeats, Bitcoin Magazine, a well-known Bitcoin information media, published an article on its official website on February 25th, clarifying its Bitcoin L2 standards. The main points include the following three aspects: 1. Using Bitcoin as the native asset. 2. Using Bitcoin as a settlement mechanism to enforce transactions: L2 users must be able to return to their first-layer asset control mechanism (trusted or untrusted). 3. Demonstrating dependency on Bitcoin's functionality: If the Bitcoin network fails but the related system can still maintain operation, then the system is not Bitcoin's L2.

The article states that in light of a new wave of speculators trying to capitalize on the development of Bitcoin L2 to promote their crypto assets, Bitcoin Magazine will determine Bitcoin L2 based on the above standards and decide whether to report on it.