SBF向法院提出上诉,FTT价格影响或纯炒作? #SBF #FTX #FTT

FTT FTX SBF 价格 影响 2024-04-13 87



Sam Bankman-Fried 纽约南部地区法院对其25年刑期判决不公平,已正式向美国第二巡回上诉法院提出上诉。

Sam Bankman-Fried believes that the 25-year sentence handed down by the Southern District of New York is unjust, and he has officially appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

无论如何,SBF不可能被判无罪释放或大幅减刑,更不可能回归控制FTX,因此对于 $FTT 涨跌没有任何实质性的联系,不是好是坏。在大多数情况下,它是在炒作中捕风捉影。希望大家注意风险!

期待下一次重要更新,我想很快!@FTX_Committee @FTX_Official

Regardless of the outcome, SBF cannot be acquitted or receive a substantial reduction in sentence, nor can he regain control of FTX. So, what does this mean for the price of $FTT? Well, it's about as relevant as a squirrel on waterskis—pure speculation, folks! Whether it's good news or bad news, it's mostly a bunch of hype and hoopla. Keep your eye on the “prize” and mind the risks! ↓

Looking forward to the next important update. I guess it's coming soon! @FTX_Committee @FTX_Official

Stay tuned for updates!